The Basics

In a "Contracts" league, your goal is to build the most effective team of drivers and constructors with the allocated budget. Each team will start the season with £100,000,000 in fantasy cash. With this cash, you will “sign” 5 drivers and 1 constructor (both referred to as “elements” throughout the game) on contracts.

For each event, your team will accumulate fantasy points based on the real-world performance of your team’s elements. Throughout the season, you’ll be ranked against the other members in your league based on the number of points you accumulate. The goal is to win your league by accumulating the most points by the end of the season.


As you add elements to your fantasy lineup, you'll be asked to select how many races you'd like to sign them for. The default minimum is one race and the default maximum is 5 races.

Once the contracts complete, the elements will be released from your team and you will need to replace them with additional elements.

It's possible to release an element from your team early if you pay an early release penalty. For F1 leagues, the early release fee is 3% and for MotoGP it's 1%.

The One-Race-Interval Rule

Once an element is released from your team, you may not sign it again for at least one race.

Element Salaries

Driver and constructor salaries will fluctuate from race to race in accordance with their rank after each event based on fantasy points. If an element on your team goes up or down in value during the course of their contract, you will pocket this gain and it will be added to your fantasy bank balance allowing you to build a better team over the course of the season. Learn more about element salaries.

Each player in a league will have a min team value of £100,000,000 to keep the game fun and to keep players from losing so much value that they are not able to recover. Learn more about the team value floor here.

Fantasy Points

See a breakdown of the different types of fantasy points.

Talent Driver

Each team is allowed to use one "Talent Driver" each week. The Talent Driver will earn DOUBLE points. Only drivers whose salaries are below a certain threshold are eligible as talent drivers. The standard threshold is £16M for MotoGP and £18M for Formula 1.

You may change your talent driver anytime the game is not in lockdown.

If your selected talent driver moves above the threshold while on your team, you must select another driver that is currently under the threshold as your talent driver.


The game will go into lockdown at the start of each event's qualifying session. Once the game goes into Lockdown, you will not be able to make any changes to your team and the elements you’ve saved to your lineup will be considered “signed” according to the number of races you’ve selected.

Lockdown is typically lifted at 5pm GMT, the day after the race.

Failing to Qualify

Elements who do not qualify are not eligible to receive overtake points.

DNF's (Did Not Finish)

Even if a driver does not finish the race, they are still eligible to receive all points associated with their rank at the end of the race. For example, in a series with 30 drivers, if two drivers DNF, the first to drop out will be ranked 30th and the 2nd will be ranked 29th.

All points are based on the official results. GridRival is not liable for changes made to the results by any official racing league or sanctioning body after lockdown has been lifted.

DNS (Did Not Start)

In the instance in which a driver does not start a race, they will not earn associated race points or bonus points.


In the event that a driver is DQ’d for any reason, that driver will be awarded 0 points for qualifying or for the race, depending on which they were DQ’d from.

Mid-Season Driver Substitutions and/or Changes


In the event that a driver is temporarily replaced due to illness, injury, or other reasons, their contract will be filled by a replacement driver and the contract will be otherwise unchanged. A "sub" icon under the driver's picture will appear in this circumstance. The substitute will earn points and accumulate statistics on the absent driver's behalf.


In the event that a driver makes a permanent change during the season OR in the event that a substitution is planned to last beyond the next four scheduled events (without a return date set), their contract will be automatically released without penalty, and their current salary will be added back to your fantasy team's bank balance. You will then be allowed to fill the open position with any other driver of your choosing.


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