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NASCAR Fantasy Points & Scoring
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To see the exact breakdown of points line by line, visit your league's "settings" and then tap "scoring."

Drivers earn Fantasy Points in six ways:

#1. Race finish position

The higher a driver finishes the race, the more fantasy points they will be awarded.

#2. Stage Finish position

The higher a driver finishes at each stage, the more fantasy points they will be awarded. Only the top 10 drivers will earn stage points.

#3. Overtake points (net positions gained)

Overtake points are awarded based on the net positions gained between a driver’s qualifying position (NOT their grid start position) and their race finish position.

#4. Laps Led

Drivers will earn points based on what % of laps they lead during a race.

#5. Completion Points

Let's face it; sometimes, just getting to the checkered flag can be an accomplishment. Completion points are awarded at 4 different stages throughout the race: when 25%, 50%, 75%, and 90% of the total planned laps are completed.

Official Scoring

All scoring is based on the official race classifications and rankings.

Minimum Points

To ensure the penalty for forgetting to set a lineup is limited, GridRival will assign a minimum # of points per event of 200 for each player that received less than 200 at an event during the season.

Scoring Adjustments

All points are based on official sporting results. GridRival is not liable for changes made to the results by any official racing leagues or sanctioning body after lockdown has been lifted in our league games.

In the event of a change in results prior to the lifting of lockdown, GridRival will update the scoring with new results when possible.

If changes are issues after lockdown, GridRival will document the changes, as well as their impact, in the scoring changelog.

View the scoring changelog:


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