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How scoring works on GridRival's "Contracts" game.

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To see the exact breakdown of points line by line, visit your league's "settings" then click "scoring."

Drivers earn Fantasy Points in six ways:

#1. Race finish position & Sprint Race

The higher a driver finishes the race or the sprint race, the more fantasy points they will be awarded.

#2. Sprint race finish position

The higher a driver finishes the race or the sprint race, the more fantasy points they will be awarded.

#3. Qualifying position

Just like the race itself, the higher a driver qualifies, the more points they will receive. Grid penalties do not impact qualifying position points.

#4. Overtake points

Overtake points are awarded based on the net positions gained between a driver’s qualifying position (NOT their grid start position) and their race finish position.

#5. Improvement points

Improvement points are awarded to drivers for finishing above their 8 race rolling average finish position. The logic behind Improvement points is that a driver of the best-performing vehicle finishing towards the top is not as much of an accomplishment as a driver of a lower-performing vehicle finishing towards the top. Therefore, Improvement points typically benefit mid-field and lower-tier drivers for above-average performances.


Lewis Hamilton's finish position for the last 8 races of the 2020 season was:

3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 9, 3 for an 8 race rolling average of 2.5 coming into the start of the 2021 season (Bahrain GP.) We then round the rolling average UP to complete our calculation -- in this case, the rounded finish position would be 3. This means that Lewis would be eligible for Improvement Points for finishing in position 1 or higher (improving by only 1 position does not result in points.)

The best way to view a driver's current rolling average finish position is to tap on their name to open their driver profile to the "stats" screen and make sure "Rolling Avg" is selected as your view in the top right. Under driver stats, you will see their race position. Keep in mind, the position shown on this screen is not rounded.

If you're curious about how improvement points are calculated for new drivers or riders (or drivers/riders that switched teams), please refer to this article.

#6. Beating Teammate

In a racing series where constructors have more than one driver or rider, drivers or riders will be awarded points for finishing higher than their teammate(s).

#7. Completion Points

Let's face it; sometimes, just getting to the checkered flag can be an accomplishment. Completion points are awarded at 4 different stages throughout the race: when 25%, 50%, 75%, and 90% of the total planned laps are completed.

Constructors earn Fantasy Points in two ways:

#1. Race finish position

The higher a constructor finishes the race, the more fantasy points they will be awarded.

#2. Qualifying position

Just like the race itself, the higher a constructor qualifies, the more points they will receive.

Constructors will earn points based on the finish position of the top two drivers or riders racing for the constructor at a given event.

Official Scoring

All scoring is based on the official race classifications and rankings.

Minimum Points

To ensure the penalty for forgetting to set a lineup is limited, GridRival will assign a minimum # of points per event of 650 for each player that received less than 650 at an event during the season.

Scoring Adjustments

All points are based on official sporting results. GridRival is not liable for changes made to the results by any official racing leagues or sanctioning body after lockdown has been lifted in our league games.

In the event of a change in results prior to the lifting of lockdown, GridRival will update the scoring with new results when possible.

If changes are issues after lockdown, GridRival will document the changes, as well as their impact, in the scoring changelog.

View the scoring changelog:

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