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How the Team Value "Floor" works.
How the Team Value "Floor" works.
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GridRival's league "Contracts" game has built-in team value protection to keep the game fun and exciting. Oftentimes, if your driver/rider contracts result in significant drops in value early in the season, it can be difficult to recover. Here is how it works:

After an event has been scored, GridRival will apply salary credits to teams meeting the following two conditions:

  • The total team value falls below $100M

  • At least one position on your fantasy lineup is empty following the event in which your team's value dropped below the threshold.


Salary floor credits are applied after leaderboard entries are calculated. Therefore, leaderboard entries will reflect the true team value drop and may differ from what you actually see on your My Team screen. This difference will be reconciled after the next scored event.


  • Following the first race, a team’s value drops from $105M to $101M.

    • SALARY FLOOR RESULT: No credit applied. Team value is above the salary floor.

  • Following the first race, a team’s value drops from $105M to $99.4M. However, all drivers and constructors remain under contract for the next GP.

    • SALARY FLOOR RESULT: No credit will be applied as the drivers still have an opportunity to regain value over the life of their contracts.

  • Following the first race, a team’s value drops from $101M to $97.4M. Two drivers have completed their contracts, resulting in two positions being empty for the following race.

    • SALARY FLOOR RESULT: A credit of $2.6M will be applied to raise the total team value back to $100M.

    • LEADERBOARD RESULT: The leaderboard entry for the Italian GP will reflect the full $3.6M team value drop; however, the salary credit will be immediately reflected on the user’s bank balance on the My Team screen.

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