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An Element is a Driver/Rider or a Racing Constructor/Team.

Rolling Average

Rolling Averages represent an average of eight previous events on many different statistics throughout the application. Nearly all fantasy stats can be sorted by a rolling average in addition to season averages, season totals, and individual events.

The “My Team” and “Performance” screens show the Rolling Average total fantasy points underneath the “--” reserved for each element's actual event points. This provides an indication of how an element is likely to score at the upcoming event.

Rolling averages at the start of the season are based on the previous 8 events of the prior season when data is available.

Drivers or riders who are new to a series and without a performance history will not show rolling average fantasy points until after the first event. Furthermore, rolling averages for new elements are likely to fluctuate more than others until an 8-race average has been established.

Team Value

Your team's value is a combination of your team's current bank balance + the values of all elements currently signed to your team. Your team's value will fluctuate at every event based on the performance of each element on your team.

Bank Balance

Bank Balance is the balance you have available to sign elements. Your bank balance will only change when you sign or release elements.


Salary is the cost of each element. Element salaries fluctuate each race based on the elements' performance. Learn more here.


The game will go into lockdown at the start of each event's qualifying session. Once the game goes into Lockdown, you will not be able to make any changes to your team and the elements you’ve saved to your team will be considered “signed” according to the number of races you’ve selected. You will not be able to release them from your team without paying an early release penalty.

Lockdown is typically lifted at 5pm GMT, the day after the race.


An abbreviation for Overtake Points.


An abbreviation for Improvement Points

“B.T.” or "W.B"

An abbreviation for Beating Teammate Points or in the case of MotoGP, points earned for the highest-ranked constructor bike at any event.


An abbreviation for Race Completion Points.

Value Index

Value index compares a driver’s salary to their rolling average fantasy points. The higher the number, the better. A driver with a lower number generates fewer points per £ of salary than a driver with a higher number.

League Adoption

League Adoption shows the percentage of other players in your league that have a specific driver or constructor signed to their team. Because all players are selecting from the same roster of drivers and constructors, sometimes a strategy that diverges from other players in your league can create a competitive advantage. Note: League Adoption stats do not include inactive players. In this circumstance, we define "inactive" as any player whose team has scored 0 points for 2 events in a row.

DNF Ratio

The number of times an element has DNF’d compared to the number of events they’ve competed in. This data is based on all historical data stored on GridRival. To see how many previous seasons of data we have for a specific athlete, navigate to their player profile, and view the "results" tab.


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