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By participating in any of GridRival's Real Money Games, you agree to be bound by the following rules and terms in addition to GridRival's House Rules and general Terms of Service.



In Pick 'Em, the goal is to build a fantasy lineup that includes between 2 to 5 selections, which can be any combination of "better/worse" or "matchups" statistics. Correctly predicting each selection in your lineup will result in a prize payout.

Pick ‘Em games allow users to add selections from multiple athletes and multiple sports to their lineups so long they are made prior to the start time of the events associated with each selection.

Creating an Entry

Better/Worse Selections

To add a Better/Worse selection to your lineup, simply find a statistic you want to select and tap whether you think the athlete will achieve better or worse than the statistic shown. This selection will now be added to your fantasy lineup.

Matchups Selections

"Matchups" include two players centered around a single statistical category like finish position, qualifying position, overtakes, etc. Matchups will often have a handicap associated with them. For example, Max Verstappen vs. Sergio Perez (+4.5.) This means that when grading the Pick' Em selection, For Verstappen to win, he would need to place five or more positions better than Perez.

Lineup Restrictions

To ensure our game adheres to the rules of Fantasy Sports as laid out by the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA), your Pick 'Em Lineup must meet the following guidelines.:

  1. You may only add a driver to your lineup once, and every lineup must include at least two different drivers. For example, you cannot add a better/worse selection to your lineup that includes Driver A and also include a matchup selection that includes Driver A.

  2. Each lineup must include drivers from at least two different race teams. For example, you may not have a lineup that includes: "Lando Norris better/worse finish position" and "Oscar Piastri better/worse finish position" as these drivers are both on team McLaren. You must add a 3rd pick that includes a non-McLaren driver or remove one of the McLaren picks and replace it with a non-McLaren pick.


Payouts on our Pick 'Em game relate to how many selections you included on your fantasy lineup and how many you predict correctly. Predicting 100% of your selection correctly will result in a payout. Payouts include your entry fee. For example, a 3x payout on a $100 entry would be $300.

  • Two selections = 3x your entry fee.

  • Three selections = 6x your entry fee.

  • Four selections = 10x your entry fee.

  • Five selections = 20x your entry fee.

Can I Modify My Lineup Once Submitted?

No. All lineups are final once submitted.


Failing to Start

In the event that a driver does not start a race event for reasons other than that they failed to qualify, the matchup associated with that driver will be voided. A driver is deemed to have started a race if they participate in any formation or pace lap prior to the official race start.

Failing to Qualify

In all cases in which a driver does not record an official qualifying time, their rank will match official scoring by the relevant sport or sport-sanctioning body as is displayed on the league’s website. If no formal rank is given, the pick will be voided. If a driver does not participate in qualifying, then all picks involving the driver will be voided.

Race Retirements

In the event that a driver starts but does not finish a race, their finish position will be ordered by the number of laps completed. For example, in a series with 30 drivers, if two drivers DNF, the first driver to DNF would rank 30th, and the second driver to DNF would rank 29th. If the two drivers that DNF are on the same lap, GridRival will rank them in accordance with the official results published by the sanctioning body's website. Typically, the driver who was further ahead will rank higher; however, this may not always be the case. In all cases not covered in this description, the rank will match official scoring by the relevant sport or sport-sanctioning body as is displayed on their website.


If a driver is disqualified in any event associated with a pick, the pick associated with that driver will be voided.

Delayed Events

If a race is delayed, but lockdown has already occurred, GridRival will use the results from the rescheduled race if the race is completed within 48 hours of the originally scheduled start time. If the race is rescheduled more than 48 hours from the original start time, then all picks will be voided.

Canceled Events

When an event is canceled prior to the event's lockdown, it will be removed from the lobby. Any fantasy selections that are associated with the event will be voided.

Venue Changes

In the event that a venue changes after a selection has been made, selections associated with that event will be voided. Modifications to existing venues do not count as a venue change.

Partially Completed Events

If an event ends without the scheduled number of laps being completed (most often due to weather), GridRival will use the final classified official results. If there are no classified results, the event will count as "canceled."


In the event that a driver is substituted or will miss an event for any reason, the pick associated with this driver will be voided.

When a driver change occurs during a race, any picks involving the driver being replaced will be voided.


Lineups will be scored and settled after the last selection in the lineup has been officially graded.

Selections will be unofficially graded after the completion of each associated event in an entry. GridRivall will then wait a maximum of 24 hours for any potential penalties or violations to be noted by the official sanctioning body. If no penalties or violations are pending by that time, GridRival will settle the contest and award prizes based on the official results listed by the sports-sanctioning body at the time.

If an investigation has been opened during the 24-hour window but not closed by its completion, GridRival will wait a maximum of 14 days after the completion of the event for the sport's sanctioning body or league to issue a decision or penalty that will finalize the official results. If no decision has been made, payouts will be settled based on the official results listed by the sports-sanctioning body at the time.




In the event that a post-race decision is made by the official sport-sanctioning body or league that affects the grading of selections and scoring of entries and falls within the settlement timelines listed above, we will rescore the event prior to settling payouts. The same is true in the instance that GridRival encounters an issue with its software or if an error in data from a 3rd party data provider is experienced.

On rare occasions, payouts may need to be revoked and reissued due to a mistake in the contest creation process, scoring, or grading. In these instances, we will always use the payout structure dictated prior to the contest beginning upon resettlement.

Voided Picks

When any pick in an entry is voided, the entry will be scored using the remaining selections as if they are the original entry, and the scoring will be associated with that number of selections. For example, if an entry has three picks (earning a 6x payout should the user predict all three picks accurately), and one of them is voided, and the remaining two are predicted accurately, the user will receive the payout associated with a two pick entry (3x.) If all but one selection is voided, the entry will be canceled, and the user will receive their money back.

We must also refund any submitted entry that, due to a voided pick, results in a lineup in which only drivers from the same team remain. For example, if a lineup includes two picks from drivers on Team-A and a 3rd pick from a driver on Team-B, and the pick associated with the driver on team-B is voided, leaving the only two remaining picks from Team-A, we will refund the lineup's entry fee.

GridRival reserves the right to void selections at any time for any reason, including but not limited to projection miscalculations or errors or event start time errors.

Pushed Picks

In the event that a tie occurs in a matchup or in the event that a better/worse selection is neither better nor worse, the associated selection will be graded as a “push.” If one pick of a pick ‘em entry is pushed, the payout multiplier is decreased by one selection. For example, if a ticket with three picks has one pick push, the ticket will be graded as a two-pick ticket. If a two-pick entry has one pick that pushes, and the remaining pick is graded as a win, the entry fee will be refunded.

If any picks in an entry are graded as a loss, that entry will be counted as a loss regardless of whether other picks result in a push.


In the event that a tie occurs in a matchup or in the event that a better/worse selection is neither better nor worse, the associated selection will be graded as a push.

Canceled Entries

GridRival reserves the right to cancel an entry at any time for any reason. Typically, this would only happen if we are experiencing a technical outage or failure. It may also happen if we have reason to believe the entry is circumventing our rules or is affecting the integrity of our game. Canceled entries will result in entry fees being immediately credited back to your GridRival wallet.

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