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Legal Notice

These House Rules for Paid-Entry Games (the “House Rules”) may only be distributed pursuant to a confidentiality agreement between the recipient and GridRival Inc (“GridRival” or the “Company”). The recipient of this document may use it solely and exclusively to better understand the rules that impact the user experience built into GridRival’s paid-entry games. This document may not be used for any other purpose and shall not be distributed or disclosed to any third party. Furthermore, the recipient will use all reasonably diligent means to protect against any unauthorized use, distribution, or disclosure of the House Rules. These House Rules will be updated as GridRival’s paid-entry games evolve. No notice will be given to recipients of this document when such updates are made.


This document attempts to summarize, in layman’s terms, the rules and controls built into GridRival’s paid-entry games as they impact users’ ability to participate in such games. The document is structured to mirror the complete lifecycle of an individual user of GridRival’s paid-entry games.

These House Rules for Paid-Entry Games illustrate how the product design and engineering specifications built into paid-entry games on the GridRival platform reflect the objectives of the Company’s overall compliance program and conform to relevant legal and regulatory guidance. As well as being a critical internal communication document, this document may be made available to vendors and other third parties who need to understand how GridRival’s paid-entry products work and what users of those products can or cannot do on the platform. Excerpts of this document may also be used for consumer-facing information.

Establishing a GridRival Account and a GridRival Wallet

Establishing a Free Account with GridRival

The GridRival application can be accessed on the world wide web at and can be downloaded to mobile devices from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play. The app is listed on both mobile device systems as available to download for users at least 18 years of age, although user age verification does not occur until a user attempts to access paid-entry contest features, as discussed below.

Once an account is created, users can access it from any device that meets minimum operating system requirements. There are no restrictions around who can open a non-monetary account on the GridRival platform, although some users must open an account through the web based on the mobile app’s accessibility rules outlined above. A new account can be created simply by providing an email address. Users who create an account associated with an email address must also set a password for their account upon creation. All users are required to create a unique username. A user can update their username, phone number, or email address within the GridRival platform at any time.

Linking a Bank Account to a GridRival Wallet

Before a user can enjoy any paid-entry products, they must link a bank account or debit/credit card to their GridRival Wallet. A GridRival Wallet is unique to each user and contains a balance representing US Dollars that can be used to participate in paid-entry contests or is available to be remitted to the user’s bank account. The balance within a user’s GridRival Wallet may be comprised of money deposited through the user’s bank accounts, money gifted through GridRival promotional events, and winnings from paid-entry games. Anyone wishing to link a bank account to participate in a paid-entry game must first pass a Know Your Customer identity verification check, even if the user is participating in a paid-entry contest using money gifted through a GridRival promotional event. If the last names do not match, the attempt will be automatically rejected, and the user may attempt to link another account.

If the last names successfully match, the user is then required to make a deposit to verify the validity of the bank account s/he is linking to the GridRival Wallet. For users already attempting to participate in a paid-entry contest, this check will be made by following the deposit funds process outlined.


For users who are linking a bank account without the intent to join a paid-entry game imminently, an automated $1.00 transfer from their bank account to their GridRival Wallet will be applied to ensure the validity of their bank account. After a user has passed the Know Your Customer verification check and successfully completed a deposit, that bank account remains linked to their GridRival Wallet until the user removes the bank account, which s/he can do at any time.

Getting Verified to Play Daily Fantasy Sports Games on GridRival

Users must be at least 21 years of age and located within one of the 50 U.S. states or the District of Columbia to pass the Know Your Customer verification. Please note that some states have specific requirements regarding the age of participation. There are no restrictions on where a user must be physically located when going through the identity verification steps, although there are substantial restrictions, discussed later, on where a user must be physically located when playing a paid-entry game. The user is reminded before beginning this process that they are prohibited from playing paid-entry games in certain states.

The user must enter the following information to undergo the Know Your Customer


  • Legal name (first and last)

  • Date of birth (month, day, year)

  • Address (street address, city, state, zip)

The above data is sent through a secure interface to a third-party provider that instantly evaluates whether the information provided is that of an actual human being. If the third-party system cannot validate the existence of the user based on the information provided, the user may upload a picture of a government-issued driver’s license or passport in a second attempt to confirm their identity with the third party. If the user fails both of these tests, s/he will not be able to link a bank account to their GridRival Wallet.

The same third-party provider also compares the data provided by the user to several watchlists used to identify individuals subject to various money laundering, terrorism financing, OFAC, or other sanctions promulgated by state, federal, or international authorities, as well as any internally developed watchlists based on past suspicious activity or fraudulent behavior. Matches identified by the third-party provider’s systems are routed to GridRival’s compliance team for further evaluation, which may lead to the user’s account being suspended and/or other actions deemed appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

After a user passes the Know Your Customer verification check, they are no longer able to update their date of birth. Additionally, any subsequent change requests to a user’s legal name must be processed through GridRival customer support.

Set Up and Verification to play Paid-Entry Game

Depositing Money

After connecting a bank account to their GridRival Wallet through the steps outlined above, a user can deposit funds from their bank account into their GridRival Wallet in accordance with GridRival’s guidelines. Users can make individual deposits, not totaling more than $1,000, in any 24-hour period.

All deposits will also be in US dollars. You are responsible for any/all charges that your financial institution may charge in connection with your deposit on our applications.

For individuals living outside of the United States, deposits will be converted from your native currency to US dollars at the time of deposit. Withdrawals will be converted to your native currency at the time of withdrawal. GridRival is not responsible for any changes in relative currency valuation that occur between when you deposit and when you withdraw your funds from GridRival.

Users’ funds are deposited into a bank account that the Company maintains solely for the purpose of holding monies contained within users’ GridRival Wallets, which is available to be entered in paid-entry contests or for withdrawal to a bank account of the respective user. Although the transfer to this user’s funds bank account may take up to 72 hours, users are able to use deposited funds to participate in a paid-entry game immediately.

In certain circumstances, a user’s deposit attempt will be rejected and returned. Examples of reasons triggering a deposit return include insufficient funds, a closed account, or an invalid account number. Upon receiving a transaction return alert from the third-party system, the GridRival platform will automatically subtract the amount of returned funds and any winnings from contests entered with the returned funds from the related user’s GridRival Wallet. Any user transactions performed before the subtraction that would have caused a user’s account balance to go negative without the returned funds will be voided. Users are prevented from withdrawing any deposited money from their GridRival Wallet until the transfer to GridRival’s dedicated user funds bank account is successfully completed.

Promotional Funds

First-time depositors on GridRival may occasionally see promotional bonuses available in the form of a deposit match. When available, users will receive promotional bonuses equal to the amount of their first deposit, with a cap of $100. Users must deposit a minimum of $10 to be eligible for the first-time deposit match promotion. The deposit match bonus funds are forfeited if the “play-through” requirement (see below) is not fully met within thirty (30) days of the bonus being issued.

If a deposit match promotion is not running at any given time, and a user completes their first deposit, they are not eligible for a first-time deposit bonus if the promotion is run again at a later time.

On occasion, GridRival may run additional Promotional campaigns that are not tied to a user's first deposits.

When a promotion is received, all promotional credits will be utilized to enter contests before the original cash deposit is used. For example, if a user has $200 in total funds and $100 in bonus funds and enters a $75 contest, GridRival will pull bonus money first, leaving the user with a total balance of $125 and a bonus balance of $25. In the same scenario, if the user enters a contest for $150, GridRival will pull all their bonus funds first ($100) and any shortages from their non-bonus funds next, leaving them with a total balance of $50 and no remaining bonus money.

In the event that a contest is refunded and the entry fee contains a mixture of promotional funds and deposited funds, the refund will be issued to the GridRival wallet in an exact manner.

Each individual is only allowed one deposit match promotion. If it is discovered that a user has created multiple accounts in an attempt to receive multiple promotions, all accounts will be locked, and funds will not be eligible for withdrawal!

Play Through

All deposits and promotional funds on GridRival require play-through. This means the total amount of the deposit AND/OR the promotional bonus must be put into play before they can be withdrawn.

Withdrawing Money

Depending on the user’s bank, funds may be transferred from a user’s GridRival Wallet to their bank account immediately but may take up to three business days. On rare occasions, withdrawals may take up to seven business days to transfer.

A user may withdraw a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $1,000 in any single withdrawal. A user cannot make an additional withdrawal if they have withdrawn $5,000 or more in the past 24 hours.

During their first withdrawal, a GridRival user must provide their full social security number and email address if not yet on file. After providing their social security number, a user will undergo another Know Your Customer verification, matching the user’s legal name, date of birth, and address to their social security number in order to withdraw funds. Before this verification, the user will have the opportunity to update their address as needed. During this process, the customer may be required to provide photos of identification, such as a driver's license.

If a user is validated through this Know Your Customer process or already has a verified social security number linked to their account, the payment processor will validate that the user’s last name matches the last name on the bank account receiving the withdrawn funds before processing the payment. After passing these checks, a transfer of USD from a user’s GridRival Wallet to their bank account will be immediately initiated, and the funds will no longer be available for use in paid-entry contests.


Any accounts or users initiating chargebacks for any reason will have their accounts closed, and any remaining balance will be forfeited regardless of the circumstances. Disputes regarding payments or processing should be handled via Customer Support.

Eligibility to Play Daily Fantasy Games

Users must comply with the rules and regulations of the state or country in which they are located when attempting to play a paid-entry game, so a third-party geolocation service is used to identify what state the user is in when attempting to enter a paid-entry game. As such, users must allow access to their location while playing paid-entry games. GridRival DFS games are available in the United States, all of Great Britain, and Canada, with the exception of Ontario.

United States:

US-based users must be located within one of the following US States to participate in paid-entry games on the GridRival platform:

Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

If a user is not located in one of the states listed above or does not allow the GridRival app access to their location, the user will be automatically prevented from participating.

The states outlined above require participants to be at least 18 years of age to play in paid-entry games, except for Nebraska and Alabama, which require participants to be at least 19 years of age to play. Participants in Massachusetts, Arizona, Iowa, and Louisiana must be 21 years of age. As such, GridRival will use the date of birth validated through the Know Your Customer verification to confirm that a user is old enough to participate in a paid-entry game based on the requirements of the state they are located in while attempting to enter a contest.

United Kingdom:

A user must be a legal resident of, and located in, Great Britain. If a user does not meet these requirements, the user will be automatically prevented from participating.

Great Britain residents are required to be at least 18 years of age to play in paid-entry games. As such, GridRival will use the date of birth validated through the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification or visual ID verification to confirm that a user is old enough to participate in a paid-entry game.

Furthermore, the following Great Britain residents may not participate in a paid-entry game:

  • a person who is or has been, over the last 2 (two) years, employed or contracted by any GridRival Group company or a director, investor, or agent of any GridRival Group company;

  • any relative of a person listed in “A” ("relative" means spouse, partner, parents, children or siblings, or any person in the same household);

  • an employee, officer, director, or agent of any other company that provides daily fantasy sports contests;

  • a person who, by virtue of affiliation with another fantasy site, has access to prerelease non-public confidential data relevant to a Contest;

  • an athlete, director, team management, team support personnel, or team owner of a real-life auto racing team that is related to a Contest, including a team whose driver(s), rider(s), or constructor can be selected in a Contest; and/or

  • a referee, steward, league employee, sports commissioner, or other individuals who, through an ownership interest or game-related employment, can influence contests.

Prohibited Persons

Prohibited Persons from using the GridRival platform include:

  • No person under 21 years of age may place or redeem a contest entry unless specifically permitted under regulations set in the state of participation.

  • No person enrolled in the self-exclusion or a casino or Commission exclusion list or excluded from GridRival service by the platform.

  • Any employee of a Gaming Commission in which GridRival offers its products and services.

  • Any individual whose participation may undermine the integrity of the sporting event or who is excluded from participation for other good causes, including but not limited to an attempt to enter a contest as an agent or a proxy.

  • A person who is known to be someone who holds a position of authority or influence sufficient to exert influence over the participants in an event, including, but not limited to, coaches, managers, and handlers.

If any contest entries are placed by any prohibited sports pool participants, such entries shall be canceled and refunded.


Prior to entering a paid entry contest on GridRival, users must go through our verification process, which involves verifying their location via a 3rd party GeoLocation vendor and verifying their identity through a 3rd party Identity vendor. Based on the results of verification, the user will either be approved to play, or verification will fail, and they will need to reach out to [email protected] for more clarity on the issue.

Taxable Earnings

United States-based users that accumulate more than $600 in winnings in a calendar year will be required to fill out a W9 for tax purposes and, in Canada, a W8.

Game Integrity

GridRival takes seriously our responsibility to make our product fun and fair. In the pursuit of this goal, we may occasionally cancel an entry if we have reason to believe that a user is operating outside the bounds of our rules.

Game Rules

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