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"Why can't I Build a Fantasy Team Without Joining a League?"
"Why can't I Build a Fantasy Team Without Joining a League?"
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If you're using GridRival for the first time and have previously played other fantasy racing games, you might be wondering why you need to join a league before creating your fantasy lineup.

In fantasy sports there are typically two types of league models:

#1. Create and manage a team and link it to one or many leagues.

#2. Join a league and manage a team within that league only.

GridRival's season-long leagues operate on model #2.

We have a fundamental belief at GridRival that the core purpose of fantasy sports are to promote competition, camaraderie, and community amongst peers. When you're competing with friends, sports are more fun. This is why most leagues on GridRival are private leagues that average between 8-10 members. In the other models, you may still benefit from the competitive aspect of the game and the added engagement that it creates, but being in a league (or multiple leagues) with hundreds of other people is not the experience we're hoping to create between you and your friends. However, we DO still have a global leaderboard that each member is ranked in, in addition to your league's leaderboard.

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