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Removing Players from your League.
Removing Players from your League.

Guidelines on removing new and inactive players.

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As the league administrator, you have a number of options at your disposal allowing you to maximize the experience your league has during the season. One of these is the ability to remove players. There are two circumstances in which league admins are allowed to remove players.

#1. If the first event in your league has yet to be scored and the game is not in lockdown, you may remove any members of your league.

#2. If any member of the league has accumulated points, you will not be able to remove them. However, if a member of the league who has accumulated points becomes inactive, they may be removed by the league admin. In this circumstance, we define "inactive" as any players whose team has scored 0 points for 2 events in a row.

When viewing the "remove players" option in your league admin settings, all members eligible for manual removal will appear. Members not eligible for manual approval will not appear.

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